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MAKITA 5094DWD battery

Makita Tools have always been a favorite with tradespersons and professionals around the globe, and continue to be to this day. They produce a large range of quality power tools to suit many professional tasks and have dominated many markets for a long time. hitachi Power Tool Battery
Cordless tool technology is taking great leaps forward in recent years, and the advent of NiMH batteries has almost seen the end of Ni-Cad cells as a choice for battery power for serious professionals. However, NiMH looks set to suffer a very short life in the market as new Lithium Ion (Li Ion) cells begin to flood the market. Most of the major tool brands are now turning to the new Li Ion technology to power their cordless tools, and there are many good reasons for this, which we will see later. dewalt Power Tool Battery
I wanted to get my hands on some Li Ion tools, and to begin with, I thought the most common cordless power tool used around the world to date, the cordless drill, would be a good starting choice. I brought myself a Makita 18v Lithium Ion drill kit, and it has many advantages over older Ni-Cad style batteries and drills. Let's take a closer look at this kit! makita Power Tool Battery
Makita BDF452HW 18v Cordless Drill/Driver

You could be forgiven for thinking this particular drill was anything but a Makita. Why? Well, since when did Makita switch their tool colors to black and white? I am not sure, but this model is offered in this striking and contrasting color combination. In fact, the only sign of the traditional Makita blue/grey color scheme is the plastic molded case the kit ships in, as well as the charger. An interesting choice nonetheless. But to me colors are not really important. I'd happily use a fluorescent pink drill if it was a great performer. Well, maybe not in public, but you get my point! It's all about performance, not looks, in my opinion. bosch Power Tool Battery
The kit ships with the drill, two batteries, a charger, and an instruction manual, plus a couple driver bits. Just add your own drill bits and you are ready to go. The batteries have quite a bit of charge in them out of the box too. panasonic Power Tool Battery
This drill has a length of eight inches front to back, and a weight of just 3.5 pounds, which is quite light given that it offers 18v of power and up to 450 in-lbs of torque. This isn't a toy drill that's for sure. It has a recommended drilling capacity of 1/2&quot; in steel and 1 1/2&quot; in wood. MAKITA 1051D battery
It offers two speed settings which are switched between speed setting 1 and speed setting 2 via the sliding switch on top of the drill's motor casing. On the slow speed setting (1) the drill's all-metal gear construction delivers variable speed between 0 - 400 RPM, which is the range you want for most high torque, lower speed fastener driving tasks. The higher speed setting (2) is for drilling of materials and offers a variable speed range between 0 and 1500 RPM. This will handle drilling into most all materials with the correct type of drill bit implemented. The variable speed is controlled by the drill trigger. The further you depress it, the faster the rotation speed. A three-position direction switch allows the drill chuck to rotate in forward mode (clockwise), reverse mode (anti-clockwise) and direction/trigger lock (the central switch position where the trigger cannot be depressed, hence &quot;locking&quot; the tool from use). MAKITA 1051DWA battery
The Jacobs drill chuck is of the ratcheting variety which allows one-handed tightening of drill and driver bits. You can loosen the chuck jaws with one hand as well. It has a bit chucking capacity range from 1.5mm to 13mm, or 1/16&quot; to 1/2&quot;. These chucks are the best type if you ask me. I have a ratcheting chuck on one of my older Pro Series Ryobi cordless drills and they simply can't be beat for ease of use and strong bit gripping capacity. I rarely have a bit slip in the jaws with this type of chuck and jaw design, and no bit has slipped yet in this drill since I purchased it several months ago. MAKITA 1051DWAE battery
The drill clutch offers 16 settings, readily dialed in via the clutch ring behind the chuck. The settings engage very positively with solid click stops at each of the settings, and beyond the 16th clutch setting, there is a general drilling setting for maximum clutch torque. For those not familiar with clutch actions, these settings are designed basically to prevent you overdriving a fastener. The clutch will &quot;slip&quot; once it passes its torque force threshold, preventing the chuck from rotating further, and hence preventing the fastener being driven any further. The higher the clutch setting number, the higher the torque on offer for driving fasteners. There is no hammer action on this drill, so its application for masonry drilling is limited. When set to the drilling setting (indicated by a drill bit icon) the chuck will not slip at all. MAKITA 1051DWD battery
A single LED light is incorporated into the drill and is located just above and forward of the trigger under the clutch setting ring. It is activated each time the trigger is depressed, and remains illuminated for roughly 10-12 seconds after you release the trigger. There is no way to turn off this light or disable it if you do not want it, but there is no real need. LED lights consume very little power and there will be an extremely minimal effect on battery life. It is handy to have of course, in dark areas, or indoors to illuminate the immediate area you wish to drill or drive fasteners in. LEDs offer good luminance and despite it only having the single LED &quot;bulb&quot;, it will light up the area enough so you can see where that drill bit or fastener needs to go quite accurately. A nice inclusion. MAKITA 1051DWDE battery
The tool is covered quite extensively with rubber overmolds, and these both aid comfort and grip, and provide some protection against knocks and falls. By falls, I mean knocking it over on the bench, as opposed to dropping from the bench to the floor. Of course, the overmolds would offer some protection in this case as well, but I'm not going to drop my nice drill deliberately for the sake of testing this. It did get knocked about the workbench a fair bit however and suffered no noticeable damage. I can't say whether it would survive a large fall from one or two stories and still continue to operate. MAKITA 1051DWF battery
Moving down the handle we see it too is wrapped with rubber overmolds, and in the hand the drill is very well balanced. Interestingly, this doesn't change whether the battery pack is attached or removed from the drill. There is a slight forward weighted bias, but nothing that is going to give you excessive wrist ache just by holding the tool. Naturally, this bias is exaggerated slightly when a bit is secured in the chuck, which moves the weight distribution forward, but it is balanced better than most drills I have used. MAKITA 1051DWFE battery
Now we get to the battery... As mentioned above, this vital component of the tool is what can make or break a cordless drill. Makita, like many other companies now, are employing Lithium Ion cells into their battery packs. The general consumer electronics market have been using them for a lot longer (in laptops, digital cameras, portable media devices etc) and it's good to see that power tools are now benefiting from the same technology. So what makes Lithium Ion batteries so good? Well, to begin with, they have a much longer shelf life, i.e. they will not bleed power from the battery pack as quickly as Ni-Cad or NiMH batteries. MAKITA 4033D battery
This means you can charge up a battery pack, leave it idle for two months or so, come back and grab it, attach it to your drill and you can expect some good life remaining in the battery pack. A Ni-Cad battery would probably be half-dead, if you are lucky (there are a lot of factors here). NiMH would fair a little better, but not as well as Li Ion. In fact, it is claimed by Makita that their batteries have as much as five times lower self-discharge rate than other batteries. Now it doesn't say what type those other batteries are, but I would assume they are rating them against Ni-Cad cells, which are still the most common on the market at the present time. MAKITA 1051DZ battery
What other advantages are there? How about a very quick recharge cycle. How many of us have Ni-Cad drill batteries that take at least a couple of hours (often 3 or 4) to fully charge. With the Li Ion batteries included in this kit you can cut this in half... and half that... and half that... and half that again. Yes, it is claimed the Makita Li Ion batteries will charge fully in just 15 minutes using the DC18RA Rapid Charger included in the kit. According to my time tests, I was able to charge a &quot;flat&quot; battery in about 20 minutes. So the claims are certainly not far off the mark (and perhaps environmental conditions could be playing a part in recharge time here too?). MAKITA 4033DZ battery
Regardless, a sub-20 minute recharge time (for the 1.5Ah battery packs) is nothing to be sneezed at. It means that even if you forget to recharge the battery the night (or morning) before you need it, you don't have hours to sit and wait for the pack to recharge, saving downtime and cost (if you are in the trades or using the tool to make a living). But since this kit comes with two batteries, you probably won't even have that problem to begin with. The two 1.5Ah Li Ion battery packs included in the kit should easily last a full day of regular drilling and driving. And if you find they are not lasting (perhaps because you are doing more drilling than driving, and into some very dense or hard materials), you can purchase higher capacity 3.0Ah Lithium Ion battery packs from Makita that will fit this particular drill. A 3.0Ah lithium battery is not going to die very quick! In fact, a single 1.5Ah battery from the kit seems to easily keep me going all day during my regular woodworking or renovation projects. Your mileage may vary of course. The 3.0Ah batteries will take longer to charge too, about 45 minutes according to the Makita documentation. Li Ion cells also offer excellent power to weight ratio, hence why this drill is lighter than most other 18v NiCad or NiMH drills. MAKITA 4332D battery
When it comes time to charge the batteries, simply hook one up to the battery charger supplied in the kit. It is a smart charger, it can charge both NiMH and Li Ion batteries from 7.2v to 18v, and with its inbuilt processing chip it communicates with the battery's onboard circuit to deliver consistent charge as well as safe current, thermal and voltage control to maximize battery life. It is also claimed the charger can recognize a battery's history, analyze its current condition, and then choose the best charging method for the pack based on these factors. I don't know how true that is, or how it is supposed to work, but if indeed it is true, then hey, I won't complain! If it delivers longer battery life then I'll take whatever technology Makita want to throw at me to achieve this. MAKITA 4333D battery
Three lights on the charger show charge status. When charging, the red light is illuminated. When battery capacity reaches more than 80%, the green light starts to show concurrently with the red light, and when fully charged, the green light alone is illuminated. A third amber light is designed to illuminate if it detects a problem with the battery pack, or so I believe. The instruction manual doesn't really say much about the battery charger at all, in fact, it says nothing really, but the icons on the battery charger itself seem to indicate this is a problem indicator light. The charger's graphical overlay also seems to indicate that the charger should sing a tune to me (or something of that nature) when the battery charge is 100% complete? Again, no info in the manual on the battery charger so I am left guessing. If anyone knows, please send me an email! An internal fan helps to keep the battery cool while rapid charging the battery. Heat is a battery cell's enemy so anything to keep it cooler will no doubt help preserve or extend its working life. MAKITA 4333DWAE battery
Another advantage of Li Ion is that it claims no memory effect. Now, whenever I mention memory effect with any battery in my reviews I always get emails from readers claiming it does and doesn't exist and any number of attached theories to support their claims. I am no expert in the field, so I'm not going to say either way whether it exists or not. But the consensus (from what I have read so far) is that memory effect does not exist with Lithium Ion cells, or is extremely minimal at most, so you can put them on the charger and charge them up no matter how much charge remains in the battery pack. I have been charging the batteries up the night before I start on a project and so far I can't notice any decrease in run time per pack or power output as a result of doing so. I'll leave it at that. I could open a big can of worms! MAKITA 4333DWD battery
In Use

As mentioned above, this Makita drill is very well balanced in the hand, and because of the light weight of the lithium ion battery in comparison to NiMH or NiCad, the fatigue factor over extended use periods is reduced. MAKITA 4333DWDE battery
I have been using it for all kinds of tasks in the shop and around the home in recent renovation projects. There is plenty of power to drill hardwoods with large twist drill bits. With a sharp bit and speed setting 2 engaged, it slices its way through hardwood with little problem. I used 1&quot; spade bits to drill through framing members to run electrical wires on a recent project and it had no trouble at all making its way through the material. Driving masonry anchors and wood screws is also easily accomplished with this tool. It certainly has plenty of torque and grunt and the battery life is very good. Being Lithium Ion however, it will have a tendency to die very quickly when the battery charge falls to its lower limit, and without the slowing down type warning that NiCad batteries often give. So always have that second battery on hand just in case. There is no indicator system on the battery itself like some other brand Li Ion batteries offer, but since you can charge the battery at any time, this didn't really pose any problems. On full-day project use I didn't have any problem with not having battery power available via either of the two cells. The batteries seem to be able to take a solid workout well. MAKITA 4333DZ battery
The drill is very comfortable to use but a firm grip is warranted for larger drilling bit operations as the drill's torque can induce some wrist twist, particularly if the drill bit grabs in the material as it drills. This is not a bad thing. The more torque the merrier in my opinion, but you just have to ensure the material being drilled is held firmly, and that you hold the drill just as firm. Using sharp bits helps eliminate this in most instances however. MAKITA 5094DWD battery

Overall I have to say that the Makita BDF452HW 18v Cordless Drill/Driver has certainly met my expectations. I was expecting it to be a well-made tool given that it has the Makita name plastered on it and it hasn't yet disappointed. It is evident that the Lithium Ion battery technology sets this drill apart from older NiMH and NiCad cordless drills and is definitely a leap forward in ease of use, drill ergonomics and even economics (given virtually zero downtime for recharging and low purchase price for new technology). MAKITA 5630DWD battery
Retailing with a street price (as at Nov 2007) of around US$199, I feel this drill offers excellent value for money and good performance for an 18v cordless drill/driver solution for the woodworker, tradesperson, renovator or home DIY enthusiast. The Li Ion technology has definitely won me over! MAKITA 6228DW battery

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bateria Acer AO532h-2Db

O Sony Vaio VPC-YB3V1E / S de alto-falantes não são visíveis à primeira vista. bateria Acer AO532h-2807 O fabricante coloca-os na área frontal da caixa, mas as aberturas estão localizadas na parte inferior do dispositivo. Quando o laptop está em uma tabela, que irradia som para a parte superior da frente e depois para o usuário. Grande parte do volume, o que não é particularmente elevada no início, é infelizmente perdida quando o Vaio é captado. Os alto-falantes de agudos-pesados ​​e fino som piorar. Baixos são quase inexistentes e qualidade não é a definição de cristalina. Os alto-falantes instalados são uma solução provisória para o vídeo do YouTube estranho no máximo. O usuário deve definitivamente usar bons alto-falantes externos ou ligar o Vaio a um sistema estéreo para ouvir música. bateria Acer AO532h-2789
Geralmente a tela CPU e placa gráfica dedicada são os componentes maiores consumidores de energia de um notebook. bateria Acer AO532h-2825 O Sony Vaio VPC-YB3V1E / S não tem estas ea tela em si é pequeno e não particularmente brilhante. No entanto, o consumo de energia não é tão baixo como você pode esperar quando em marcha lenta. Comparado a Lenovo Thinkpad X130e de uma plataforma de fusão idênticos e tamanho da tela, o consumo de energia ociosa é quase 50% maior. O Vaio consumo mínimo é 6,5 watts. Ele consome um todo 11 watts quando o brilho está no máximo. O notebook não é muito eficiente em termos energéticos durante a carga quer. O aparelho suga até 27,2 watts da 38 Wh de iões de lítio. bateria Acer AO532h-2964
Ao colocar a bateria e tamanho do caso inteiro em relação, a ex-contribuição para o volume Vaio e peso não é insignificante. Isso vamos esperar por um longo tempo de execução da bateria, o que também corresponde perfeitamente a um dispositivo móvel. Este não parece ser o caso com o Sony Vaio VPC-YB3V1E / S. bateria Acer AO532h-2Db
A Sony não indicar quaisquer autonomia da bateria sobre a folha de especificações da unidade em análise. No site, bateria Acer AO532h-2Dr você simplesmente encontrar a informação de que a duração da bateria factual depende da configuração de hardware e software. Ao navegar via wi-fi com um brilho de 150 cd/m2 - a mais alta definição é necessário no Vaio teste - a bateria do incher 11,6 dura por 3 horas e 55 minutos. Esta taxa é OK por conta própria, mas é muito curto se considerarmos a portabilidade do dispositivo e capacidade da bateria. O Vaio pouco gerencia quase sete horas quando em marcha lenta em teste BatteryEater Reader. Este teste é executado com as configurações de brilho mínimo, o que deixa a tela ao ar livre praticamente inutilizáveis. O dispositivo teve que ser conectado na tomada depois de 2 horas e 22 horas de carga total. Sony definitivamente não projetou o Vaio Y para toda a noite LAN parties. bateria Acer AO532h-2Ds

Alta qualidade da bateria do laptop Acer

bateria para Acer AO532h-2807

4400mAh Bateria do computador do caderno Acer AO532h-2807
EUR: 43.45

Bateria baixa grande 

Capacidade : 4400mAh 

Tensão : 10.8V 

Tecnologia : Bateria do íon do lítio 

Tamanho : 203.5x 53.1x 30.6mm 

Cor : Black 

Circunstância conservada em estoque : Tem o estoque 

Período da garantia : 2 anos 

A linha de fundo é a vida útil da bateria não consegue atender a reivindicação de um notebook ultra-portátil e muito móvel. Por exemplo, a Samsung 305U1A A01DE mostra apenas o que é possível nesta categoria com esta plataforma. A Samsung prova que navegando na internet via wi-fi é possível para quase oito horas e meia. bateria Acer Aspire One 532H
Nós temos que dizer que o Sony Vaio VPC-YB3V1E / S é um subnotebook bastante acessíveis. Sua configuração e preço de EUR 479 (~ $ 630 USD), visa o setor de nível de entrada. A produção é boa e também parece elegante. Os componentes foram bem escolhido para o campo de aplicação orientada. A mais recente plataforma AMD Fusion é claramente superior ao de gama Intel Atom - especialmente em termos de performance gráfica. Sony faz tudo certo até aqui. bateria Acer Aspire One 532h-2067
Nossa avaliação geral é, no entanto, apenas satisfatório. O Windows 32 bits e tela de 11,6 polegadas fraco são as nossas queixas primárias. O ecrã apresenta uma resolução alta, mas falha tremenda em brilho, contraste e reprodução de cores. Assim, o Vaio tem de ser desqualificado para o uso ao ar livre, o que é ainda pior, a sua exibição extremamente reflexivo. Um laptop deste tamanho e categoria de peso é realmente predestinados para uso móvel e ao ar livre. bateria Acer Aspire One 532h-2206

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bateria Acer TravelMate 8100

Você não deve esperar uma variedade enorme de conexões em um notebook dessa faixa de tamanho e preço. No entanto, as interfaces mais importantes e tomadas estão presentes. Isso se aplica aos três portas USB 2.0, distribuídos em direito do caso e saiu em uma proporção de 2:1. Ambos os conectores de 3,5 mm eo porta LAN Gigabit também estão no direito. Uma porta HDMI estão disponíveis no dispositivo da esquerda adjacente ao soquete obrigatório VGA. HDMI permite transmitir filmes em alta definição a monitores externos ou televisores com qualidade digital. Desde a saída HDMI suporta uma resolução máxima de 1920 x 1200, filmes em Full HD não são um problema. Sony também instala um leitor de cartão na borda frontal do dispositivo. Os dois slots de aceitar cartões SD, bem como MemoryStick Duo e Pro. O controle deslizante instalado para desabilitar e habilitar sem fio está localizado aqui tão bem e merece uma menção, pois é muito útil e pode estender a vida da bateria. bateria Acer TravelMate 8100
As interfaces do lado esquerdo ...
... E à direita.

Alta qualidade da bateria do laptop Acer

bateria para Acer TravelMate 8101

4400mAH Bateria do computador do caderno Acer TravelMate 8101
EUR: 60.48

Bateria baixa grande 

Capacidade : 4400mAH 

Tensão : 14.8V 

Tecnologia : Bateria do íon do lítio 

Tamanho : 209.70 x 64.50 x 25.00 mm 

Cor : Black 

Circunstância conservada em estoque : Tem o estoque 

Período da garantia : 2 anos 

Opções de comunicação sem fio são um aspecto muito importante de dispositivos portáteis. Lamentavelmente, a Sony não inclui um módulo UMTS, embora pudesse ter aumentado significativamente a mobilidade. É claro, a funcionalidade 3G pode ser actualizado de forma fácil e barata por meio de um dispositivo USB. No entanto, esta solução geralmente consomem mais energia do que um módulo integrado. Além disso, uma vara saliente representa um certo risco de danos no aparelho se é frequentemente transportado. bateria Acer TravelMate 8101

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PANASONIC EY7840X battery

If you're in the market for a Stihl gas trimmer then knowing what they have to offer can help you make the right decision for your particular needs. Stihl is a family owned business and has a string reputation for bringing quality products to market at an affordable cost. Many people know them for their chainsaws, but their other line of power tools perform well also. PANASONIC EY7542X31 battery
It depends on which model. Stihl has both commercial and home models. For example, the Stihl FS 45 weed eater is their light weight gas powered model that's designed for weekend use around the house. The FS 90 is a commercial trimmer used to tackle the big jobs. Regardless of which type of trimmer you want Stihl has some common features including: PANASONIC EY7546LR2S battery
The home models offer electric and gas powered options. Electric trimmers are popular because you don't have to deal with messy gasoline and they are very good for the environment. Also, the electric trimmers are very quiet compared to the gas powered choices. One drawback is that Stihl does not offer any cordless electric options and some people do not like having to use a long extension cord when trimming their lawn. PANASONIC EY7546X battery
The gas powered models offer a wide variety of occasional use models to heavier duty ones that can tackle bigger jobs around the home. Many of them feature dual line heads that make trimming quicker and more efficient. Some models have short or long shafts that cater to different sized users. They also feature either an autocut line feed or a tap line feed. PANASONIC EY7547LR2S battery
Stihl trimmers for the home are all fairly light weight which is nice on the back and arms. They all come with a hook that can be used for a strap that can be purchased separately. The shafts are curved which makes them great for trimming around bushes and trees. PANASONIC EY7547X battery
All Stihl trimmers come with a 2 year warranty on all parts except the clutch, which is covered by a lifetime limited warranty.If you're thinking of purchasing a home trimmer then looking at the various models of Stihl trimmers is worth your time. They have a history of performing well and are offered at very reasonable prices. PANASONIC EY7840LR2S battery
For people looking for Stihl trimmer parts, they are available at a certified Stihl servicing dealer near you.Our experts rate the best Stihl string trimmers & review Stihl electric & gas string trimmers. Reviews include Stihl String Trimmer FS 45, 55 & more. PANASONIC EY7840LZ2S battery
Using a Stihl string trimmer is a great way to manicure your yard and have it looking great for the summer. Stihl use famous for their excellent chainsaws but they also manufacture some quality yard equipment such as the Stihl string trimmer FS 45 unit. The Stihl string trimmer FS 45 offers the following features: PANASONIC EY7840X battery

330 cc fuel capacity

This particular model of Stihl string trimmer is for occasional use and not a commercial weed eater. It is the lightest of any Stihl string trimmer, even the Stihl electric string trimmer. It has dual cutting lines that make sure the grass and weeds get cut down on the first pass and a curved shaft that makes it easier to cut around bushes and trees. It has a tap action line feeder that responds to even the slightest of taps so you don't have to slam it against the ground for more line to come out like other string trimmers. Other standard features include: PANASONIC EY7940LR2S battery
What's great about this trimmer is that it starts up very easily without the headache of pulling the cord over and over or messing with the choke. It's very light weight which means you can finish the job without the fatigue in the arm, shoulders, and back caused by heavier gas trimmers. Plus the ergonomically designed shaft allows you to be in a natural position when trimming. PANASONIC EY7940LZ2S battery
It compares quite similar to its gas powered counterpart. It also weighs 4 lbs so its light weight as well. It comes with a built in cord keeper for convenient storage and is good for environment since it does not use gas. It isn't cordless which many people find a hassle but it depends on your personal preference. PANASONIC EY7940LZ2S31 battery
Either of these trimmers will do a great job on small or medium jobs around the house. They are not built for heavy duty weeds or brush but they don't pretend to be. For the average home owner they will do the job just fine. They perform about the same so it's just a matter of personal choice if you want the electric or the gas powered model. Perfect for the occasional user or person who needs a very light weight model. PANASONIC EY7940X battery
Our experts rate & review the best Stihl weed eaters. Our Stihl weed eater reviews include comparisons & ratings of Stihl's FS45 & FS50 weed eaters. PANASONIC EZ3741 battery
The Stihl FS 45 weed eater is one of the most popular light duty weed eaters on the market because of its light weight, ergonomic design, dual trim line head, and quality construction. Stihl has a good reputation for putting out quality products that are built to last and this particular Stihl weed eater lives up to those standards. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of this weed whacker: PANASONIC EZ3743 battery
This weed eater is the lightest that they make weighing it at a measly 4 lbs. don't let it fool you because it is not a cheap piece of junk by any means made out of recycled plastic. The list of standard features includes: PANASONIC EZ3744 battery

These are just a few features that show the quality of the Stihl FS 45 weed eater. Now it's not a commercial trimmer and cannot cut through thick brush or acres of weeds, but what it's great at doing what it is built to do – and that's trim up your yard and give it a nice manicured look without breaking your budget or back. In fact it's such a light weight trimmer that many seniors or people who need a lighter weight trimmer won't use any other type. PANASONIC EZ4540LE2S battery
It's not for heavy duty use so if you're in need of a heavier duty trimmer this is not the model for you. It also needs to be tapped in order to dispense more trim line. This feature can annoy some people who prefer the line be dispensed automatically. PANASONIC EZ4540LR2S battery
Many Stihl weed eater reviews tell a very similar story. It's a great weed eater for the guy or gal in the suburbs with a regular sized lawn who trims the perimeter of his grass every time the lawn gets mowed. In other words, it performs as advertised. If you're in the market for a light duty gas trimmer with a dual line head that's light weight and easy to change the line then you'll want to at least check it out and compare it to similar models and brands. PANASONIC EZ4540LZ2S battery
Stihl makes a quality weed eater and this model is right up there with the rest and after trying it out you'll know why it's the most popular model in the Stihl weed eater lineup. All Stihl weed eaters come with a standard 2 year warranty whether or not they are personal or professional models. The clutch is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. PANASONIC EZ4540X battery
Read our Stihl leaf blower reviews & discover the best Stihl electric & gas powered leaf blowers with ratings of the BG65 & BG85 vs Husqvarna leaf blowers.If you have a blanket of leaves in your yard or on your deck that is getting unmanageable, consider using a Stihl leaf blower. They manage very well. PANASONIC EZ4541LR1S battery
Whatever your needs may be (from clearing leaves, to moving debris, to shifting deadfalls), electric or gas-powered leaf blowers are your go-to tools for success. PANASONIC EZ4541LZ1S battery
Stihl, the manufacturer of a great many chainsaws (some of which are the world's bestselling products of their kind), has spread their reach into the leaf blowing department to provide you some of the best overall products on the market today. PANASONIC EZ4541X battery
This Stihl gas powered leaf blower features a 0.9 horsepower engine with a 27.2 cc displacement. A fairly heavy duty blower, this model is perfect to have around the house if you live in a heavily wooded area that needs constant leaf-clearing. But as high powered as it may be, the BG65 only weighs 9.3 pounds, which is nothing when compared to similar models from other brands. PANASONIC EZ4542LR1M battery
The BG65 can be a bit noisy (69 dba), but that's to be expected with a powerful leaf blower of this caliber. Just make sure you're wearing protective ear wear when using it. PANASONIC EZ4542LZ1M battery

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DEWALT DW979K-2 battery

The DW7450 has folding legs, allowing the structure to be flattened when taken down. This means you can stow it away in any corner of your garage or workshop. DEWALT DW979K-2 battery
It's easy to praise DeWalt's products because, for the most part, there's not much wrong with their performance, precision, or design. But in order to get a better idea of how they work, let's put the DW745 up against similar both a Ryobi and Makita portable table saw. DEWALT DW979K2-BR battery
Ryobi is the proud manufacturer of a great many affordable power tools, sold almost exclusively through The Home Depot. This partnership allows them to keep their prices low because of the high consumer base of such a big chain hardware store. DEWALT DW980 battery
Another reason that Ryobi keeps its prices so low is because their products, while very well made and great for the amateur homeowner's occasional use, don't always stand up well against the big names in the industry. Like DeWalt, for instance. DEWALT DW980K-2 battery
The BTS12S is about a hundred dollars less than the DeWalt DW745, and that price difference shows in the machine's performance. This Ryobi portable table saw features a mere 13 amp motor and people are constantly complaining that the fence and blade guard are so poorly made as to be almost dangerous. DEWALT DW981 battery
Like Ryobi, Makita prides itself on making and selling power tools that don't break the bank. Also like Ryobi, the products they put on the shelves just aren't as precise as those by DeWalt, Bosch, Black & Decker, and other top shelf brand names. DEWALT DW981KD-2 battery
This isn't too much cheaper than the DW745, and it does feature a 15 amp motor, but the attachments and accessories included with the machine leave much to be desired. The rip fence (which is supposedly an improved design) is laughable, there is no lateral blade adjustment, and the throat plate is just plain terrible. DEWALT DW981KF-2 battery
Makita products do boast a great deal of power, but without the finesse that is so inherent in DeWalt portable table saw products, power means nothing.The portable table saw stand that comes from Makita also pales in comparison with DeWalt's product. While it may be sturdy as all get out, the Makita 194093-8 is five times heavier than the DW7450 and five times more expensive. DEWALT DW981KQ battery
Need a new tile cutter? Read our d24000 review to learn why you should trust the DeWalt d24000, the best DeWalt tile saw on the marketThere is only one tile saw manufactured by DeWalt, but there's no need for great variety when you can manufacture a product that does it all. DEWALT DC528 (Flash Light) battery
Tile saws are unique tools in that they use water as a cooling agent for the diamond blades. For this reason, it's important to find a high quality product from a trusted brand if you're looking to purchase one. DEWALT DC551KA battery
Only the best in design and performance will suit your needs when it comes to cutting tile, and the best of them all is the DeWalt D24000.When you only have one model of a product on the shelves, it's important that that product covers all your bases. It needs to be powerful, efficient, fast, and portable. DEWALT DC612KA battery
If you took a look at the schematics for some of the first tile saws made, you'd think that the word &quot;portable&quot; could never be in the same book (let alone the same sentence) as those behemoths.But DeWalt prides itself on staying at the forefront of technological advancement and innovation when it comes to their power tool products. DEWALT DC613KA battery
Through research and development (departments in which they put a lot of time, money, and focus), DeWalt has developed the ultimate tile saw.The D24000 DeWalt tile saw features a 15 amp, 1 ½&quot; horsepower motor that gives power to an unmatched 10″ blade capable of providing you an amazingly wide range of cutting angles and options. It affords you a maximum rip capacity of 24″ tile and a maximum diagonal capacity of 18″ tile. DEWALT DC614KA battery
The cantilevered cutting cart is a great step forward in tile saw innovation, allowing you to be much more productive on the job.If after reading this DeWalt D24000 review you decide that you simply must have one for yourself, you can expect to get these items included with the saw: DEWALT DC615KA battery
For one, the noise the D24000 makes when in operation is almost unbearable. You'll definitely want to purchase a pair of ear plugs or a noise-cancelling head set for your work with this tool. DEWALT DC728KA battery
But this is a complaint that is industry-wide. Because of the unique action of the tile saw, there has yet to be an advancement in its design that will allow it to run quietly.But as soon there is, you can bet that DeWalt will include it in a later incarnation of the D24000. DEWALT DC730KA battery
Another complaint consumers have is in regards to the backup water pans that come with the tile saw. There seems to be some question as to whether they are strong enough to bear the amount of water that the manual says they can. DEWALT DC731KA battery
But these drawbacks aside, people are mostly positive about their experiences with the DeWalt tile saw. They cite these reasons why you should consider the D24000 over any other model from any other brand: Looking for a new portable table saw? Whether you're a pro or hobbyist, don't look further than a DeWalt table saw. Learn why with our DW745 & 744s saw reviews. DEWALT DC731KB battery
It's no secret that DeWalt's line of table saws are among the best in the world. DeWalt is a company that has been creating some of the finest power tools on the market for many, many years. Their products are the first choice of many top professional, amateur, and hobbyist craftsmen across the globe. DEWALT DC732KL battery
Known for making tools, accessories, and kits that are as durable, powerful, and varied as they come, DeWalt continues to be at the top of its class in manufactured construction equipment. DEWALT DC733KA battery

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